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Getting caught up on some custom orders this weekend...

in the meantime...


And some super cute pads are on sale!




I'm updating the shop right now!

I have over 30 super cute pads, some pad bags and some cloth wipes!


I'm still in the process of adding stuff but should be finished in an hour or so :)

Thank you!!! :):)

I've updated the shop with ten new pads!


I hope everyone had a nice long weekend!!!!

Just updated the shop with a few more cute new pads...munkimunki, meadowsweet2 & more!

I'm heading to the post office at 4:30, so anything purchased in the next 2 hours will ship today!


Aug. 24th, 2010

Thanks so much to everyone who's visited the shop, emailed and purchased pads! Wowzers!

A few notes:

For the time being I'll only be updating medium flow pads. They are my most popular size (and I love sewing them!) and I'm still redesigning a liner and overnight pattern...I'm not going to say when they'll be done because I'm still not 100% sure!

As pads sell I'll be changing the listing name to say sold, I know it's a pain to have to click the listing to see if it's in stock or not. I'm leaving the sold listings up just so folks have some ideas of previous fabrics, but as customers receive them I'll take them down.

I've created a twitter for modernacorn pads...as I make a new listing, I'll tweet...plus I'll update here. https://twitter.com/modernacorn

I'm waiting for some new fabric to come out of the dryer, so I'll most likely be listing new pads through out the day and week :) The red chairs are already in the shop!

Thanks so much again!

Hello Again!

back at it

Hi Everyone!
I took a verrrryyyy long break making pads and I'm excited to say that I've started making them again! I wanted to try a few different things and it was a lot of trial & error. I'm super excited to say that these are my best pads yet! I changed a few settings on my serger and as a result, the cores are thinner and more hourglass shaped, which has been one of my long term goals. I also have been getting tons and tons of new fun fabrics.

And, I've discovered a great new stain release called OxiClean Max that I'd like to suggest:
After I've hand washed my pads, I use some of this stick and let it sit on the pad for a few hours, then wash it out and put it in my soak jar...I have some white pads I made for myself last November that are still pristine white! It's a great great great product!

I'll keep posting here when I update the shop!

Feel free to come check out my shop:



Happy Sunday!!!!

I'm offering free shipping today in my etsy shop! They'll ship first thing Monday morning :D

There are 5 super cute pads in my most popular size, including one super soft flannel!


Just check out as normal and I'll refund your shipping!!! This includes international too! YAY!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

shop update!

The shop has been updated! Brand new 8 inch pads! Yay!!!!



Hope everyone is having a great summer!

its a giveaway day!

giveaway day!!!!

Hi All!!!

If you mosey on over to my other blog


You can enter to win one of those three panty liners! SCORE!!!


see you there!
shop update

There's still a few more hours to enter the blog giveaway if you haven't yet!!!! But if you have...no entering twice! Hahaha!!!!


I'm super excited because I got my serger back yesterday, yay, who knew a tiny light bulb would throw off my entire schedule!!! And today I'm going to try to reprint more thank you cards and maybe/ hopefully sneak a few more pads in the shop! I haven't shipped Mondays orders yet because I have no thank you cards...sheesh!!!!! Bad Amanda!!!!

Tonights blog post will feature the announcing of winners (which, btw, I've LOVED reading everyones cravings so so so awesome!!!) and new important shop information, stuff like custom orders, shipping and combining shipping, a really helpful FAQ section, etc.

Also, I tried replying to a few comments last night and it seems some people left incorrect email addresses, eeek!!! so I'll be letting the winners know on the blog, not via email, haha.

yayyay! See you tonight!!!!!